Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Gibraltar border

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Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Gibraltar border, a naval base that defends the Gibraltar Straight, popularly known as “the Rock.”

This British overseas territory is located on the Iberian Peninsula’s southern edge.

Gibraltar’s official language is English, but many people speak a hybrid of Spanish and English called Llanito.Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Gibraltar border

At Gibraltar, you’ll observe that the airport’s runway crosses Gibraltar for this reason it must be closed when planes land.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, a fleet of the English army occupied the Rock of Gibraltar in 1704.

After the Treaty of Utrecht, it was transferred to British control after its capture.

An agreement was reached following the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union in 2021.

This agreement enabled Gibraltar to remain a member, removing the border barrier for the foreseeable future.

Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Gibraltar border

Places to visit in Gibraltar:

The Rock and its tunnels

At 1400 feet, the Rock offers breathtaking views of the African coast as well as the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas on each side.

The Rock is completely hollow, with 50 kilometers of tunnels created as a defense throughout World War II.

Main street

The main street of Gibraltar is, as its name suggests, lined with duty-free stores and restaurants.

The pound is the official currency in Gibraltar but several businesses accept Euros.

Trafalgar Cemetery

This cemetery, sits at the end of Main Street.

It is one of Gibraltar’s most popular attractions.

As well as being a beautiful spot, it honors the accomplishments of some of the Battle of Trafalgar’s participants.

Casamates Square

The square is only a few meters from Main Street and provides fantastic views of the Rock while having a drink.


This attraction is only for the adventurous because it has a glass platform constructed on top that offers breathtaking views.

Cable Car:

The cable car is the best way to get to the summit; it is 16£ for adults, 7£ for children, and 14£ for retirees, and it takes 5 minutes.

The Monkeys:

The wild macaques can be seen all over, but keep in mind that they are wild animals that are not receptive to tourists.

Punta Europa Lighthouse:

This lighthouse is in charge of overseeing all ships traveling through the Gibraltar Strait. A must-see attraction.

Our Malaga minibus transfers to Gibraltar as as follows:Malaga minibus transfer to Gibraltar

1-4 passengers:115€

5-7 passengers: 145€

8-19 passenger minibus:219€

20-24 passenger minibus:290€

55 seater coach/bus: 304€