Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Algeciras

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Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Algeciras, situated opposite the Straight of Gibraltar and belonging to the province of Cadiz.

The primary route that runs along the water’s edge is called Avenida Virgen del Carmen.Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Algeciras

The city’s harbour, which serves as an entrance to North Africa, is located on this avenue.

Algeciras is a city immersed in maritime culture while yet being modern and multicultural and is the largest port in Europe.

Because of its unique location at the crossroads of two continents, it receives numerous daily crossings to and from Africa.

The port city is an unsightly industrial fishing town, but it is best known for producing the current era’s greatest flamenco guitarist.

It is a fantastic area if you wish to explore places like Cadiz, the Costa del Sol, or Huelva.

This city has a long history that extends back to the Paleolithic era’s Neanderthal inhabitants.

It was an important port under the Phoenicians because of its strategic location.

Due to its fantastic location, it was also the site of the important Roman port of Portus Albus.

The spectacular beaches of Algeciras are the primary attractions. It is also a great place to observe birds and cetaceans.

Most people think of Algeciras as a stopover to Morocco, but don’t be fooled; there’s enough to see and do.

We recommend the whale and dolphin spotting cruise, which is suitable for people of all ages.Malaga airport to Algiciras minibus

Minibus transfers from Malaga airport to Algeciras

The following are the prices for Malaga airport transfers to Algeciras:

A basic private transfer costs 120 euros for four people.

A large people carrier that can comfortably seat seven people costs 155 euros.

A private minibus with seating for up to 19 people costs 240 euros.

A 24-passenger private minibus: 290 euros.

A coach or bus with a capacity of 55 passengers costs 364 euros.